1. I passed NPTE in July 2016 after almost 3 years of wasting time with other courses. I am PT from Romania and I was by myself in this process, without any guidance and friends! I was so lucky to find out and join Ankit's classes! Ankit was so dedicated and friendly, so knowledgeable and amazing lecturer, that help me to focus on the important stuff and understand the basics! Moreover, the fact that y

    Irena Nicoara
  2. I am, currently a licensed PT, and I cleared exam in July 2016, with 730/800 score.When I started, NPTE seemed tough and I started looking for some study partner and found few posts about Ankit Shahi on Facebook. I was little nervous about how this all will work and as I never knew, how webinar worsk. But, I joined and I really loved the way of his teaching. His concepts and teaching skills are best. I started studying the topics- which he covered and in no time, major systems gets finished. As students, we also get access to RECORDED videos, which helps to study at our own time. He is the best mentor one can get. Hard work and right mentor is perfect combination of success.I am glad that I found the right person, since starting.

    Mansi Khambhati
  3. Hello Everyone,As people say when you want something wholeheartedly, God helps you out in every way. This is solely my case. I started preparing for NPTE in August 2015, being in India I had limited resources and contacts from where I could get guidance regarding how to prepare for this big exam. Then one day, while scrolling down various posts in NPTE study groups, I came across a name ANKIT SHAHI, people were owing their success to this name. Some hope enlightened and I straightaway sent an inbox to Ankit Sir asking if I could be a part of his class being in India. That was the best decision I ever made. Classes started in mid-November and getting up early to attend the classes was my daily routine. The logic and concepts he taught are still crystal clear even today. After getting some hold over musculoskeletal, the time came to get over my fear of neurology. Being a Masters in Orthopaedics, I always feared neurology concepts, then Mayank Sir came for the rescue, he made neurological concepts so damn easy to understand that finally my fear went away and I was having a better control over the subject.Studying in India, the concepts of Cardiopulmonary are your biggest setbacks, you just cram up things to pass the exam. There is no in depth knowledge of the subject. It was my weak link and it stayed the same way for long, even in my practice exams. When the classes for Cardiopulmonary started they were like bouncers for me, I couldn’t relate to many topics and that was disheartening. I asked Ankit Sir ways to improve my knowledge over the subject, he guided me and referred books from where I could lay the strong base for this.I attended the other session in February as well, and finally I was prepared to go for April, 2016 NPTE. 27th was the date, it was 1.30 p.m. when I finally came out with perplexed mind, but still I was happy that I did it. After 1 week the result was out and it said PASSED!That was the one word which I wasn’t able to believe that I did it finally in the first go.This was not all, something big was yet to come, another week passed and the score card came. I was looking for a 600+ score everywhere but couldn’t find that. Then I read 720, I was shocked, but that was for real.I owe my success solely to Team Ankit Shahi, they helped a lot in achieving this biggest milestone. I cannot thank them enough!Three cheers for the team!

    Ekta Sharma
  4. This was my fifth attempt at passing the NPTE. I took 3 other courses (1 twice), but this course made ALL the difference. This is the Best course out there if you want to pass the NPTE !!!!

    Adonna Corbin
  5. This is the best course that made me clear the npte exam. I like the way Ankit made it easier and simpler and more easier than it is. Ankit is the best teacher and is always very patient to clear all doubts and concepts.Coming to Neuro by mayank even his explainations are simpler and easy to understand.Finally, this is the best place to join and 100% right choice.Once again thanks Ankit and all for ur support.Thank you

    Shahida Afreen
  6. My long story short. graduated from HOSMAT hospital in 2013, I was the batch topper with distinctions. But the FSBPT curriculum was overwhelming, I chose Ankit Shahi, 2.5 months of his guidance, and Passed the NPTE without any effort. Efficient classes, will save you from headache. Just go ANKIT make it simple.

    Suman Panday
  7. I came to US 10 months back with no books and this exam was infront of me , Ankit helped me fro the scratch providing books and the direction , initially I was studying alone with no study partner only buddy I had was Ankit he used to clear all my doubts without showing any attitude he is the most approachable teacher .I cleared my exam in July in first attempt and I owe my success to Ankit and I strongly recommend his classes , he and his team is the best.

  8. Hello all, I wish I could give more than 5 stars here....I started my preparation end of 2015 but that time due to some personal family issues I couldn't join Ankit's classes and I still feel that was a mistake. I joined his classes in Feb 2016 but again couldn't attend all live classes but the best part is one gets recordings and I watched all recordings after April and made my own notes for MSK, Cardio, NON systems.... I was still not sure whether I could take the exam in Oct 2016 but Ankit was the one who kept motivating me that I could do it and have potential to clear in 1st attempt too. That encouragement and motivation is enough for one to work harder and to prove yourself that yes you all can do it. 2-3 months before the exam month we even got help from his other team members - Pooja and Mansi. Pooja was awesome as she conducted many watsapp discussions and helped us a lot in making many things clear. Mr Mayank Jain's Neurology is so thorough that it makes basic things so clear and attending his lectures was so much fun and Neurology was never boring after that. He teaches very patiently for long hours and his lectures are interesting too. The best part of Ankit is he will never leave you alone in this journey.....Even after clearing NPTE he stay with us helping us to build links to find a job. After all the hard work, with support of Ankit and his team and with God's grace I cleared my exam in 1st attempt. Taking his classes is never a wrong decision for anyone provided you work hard for yourself and keep faith in God.... Good luck friends...

    Silki Madan
  9. "Dreams come true.''It's the best resource ever!Only one thing which I could say is Awesome:-)Trust me, just go for it!

    Priya Dakhane
  10. Last few months have been crazy , when I looked at the book for the first time I never knew where to start . I would randomly flip pages and read the main book like a magazine . I knew I needed to figure out something to crack this exam in the first attempt . I read about ankit on some FB blog and contacted him regarding the classes . His first class itself gave me a direction on how I had to go about things and eventually got the hang of it . Concepts started getting registered and application of these concepts got easier . Mayank taught neuro in a way that's hard to forget even if I would want to, the way he explained stuff just got registered effortlessly . Pooja and Mansi covered the other topics so well , that everytime whole revising I could picture how they related stuff othersystems , integ and non systems was no longer boring . Ekta had these amazing daily dose of questions that would compel you to think harder and learn new concepts and towards the end I knew a lot more than I could imagine . This team is incredible . Today I have a score of 759 and only because of this TEAM it has been possible !Thank you so so much . You guys are amazing and keep up the good work ❤️

    Priyam Sanghvi
  11. I would say just go for it. No need to think even once. Ankit and his team is just awesome. They make things easier to understand. Ankit ruling MSK, Cardio-Pulmonary and Biophysical Agents while Mansi ruling Non Systems and Pooja Other systems. Ekta posting all the questions on this page helps us to think out of the box. This team is a hardworker . They make concepts clear and with all the strategies and motivation it makes them the BEST .

  12. Hi all! If you are anything like me you are probably seriously skeptical about taking an online course. Well I am here to assure you a 100% that taking this course is probably the best decision I made ever since getting my DPT. Even though I graduated school with a DPT, I still had serious difficulty as to where to start and how to study for this course! I didn't pass this exam on my own,I have to give all the credit to God and NPTE Study Buddy group. Whether you have left touch with book material or whether you have all available notes, this course doesn't discriminate! Looking back I am so glad I chose to take this course. Every single instructor in this course guided me to think outside the box and also helped enhance my clinical decision making skill. I think I can honestly say that their guidance genuinely helped me more confident with my clinical decisions.More about the course: they do ~60 + lectures ( yea it sounds a lot but trust me these lectures are the best ). These lectures are taught to you and will help you think broader, just like how the NPTE is. The lectures are typically 2 hours in length that covers a lot which is done through a live webinar. They also give you a set date to let you know when to take the exams and also give you plenty of tips and strategies in addition to the lectures about test taking skills. The team is dedicated to help you succeed and if you do your part in working hard trust me you will pass ! It's only a matter of seeking help! No shame in that! :) So all in all I loved this course and I will be more than happy to answer any of your questions and recommend this to anyone planning to take the course!

  13. For me, ANKIT SHAHI is the best mentor I have ever met. He was the only one who kept us motivated to work hard.... I started my study 6 months back when I jointed ankit I was not knowing how NPTE preparation is going to work but I just FOLLOW ankit and his team...he is not just mentor but he is motivator, our pschatrist😊, if your family is not here then of course nptestudybuddy is our family.. if anyone really seeking for knowledge and want to crack npte in first attempt just Go for it,trust me you will be having most happiest feeling when you ll see result screen. Love you ankit Shahi n team, my npte studybuddy....😘😘😘

  14. This was my last attempt to clear npte. I heard about Ankit's classes through one of my friends. I was a little skeptical at first because I gave taken few other courses before but were of no use. CBut after listening to ankit's lectures .. I started thinking out if the box . Ortho ( which was my weakest sub) became a lot more easier. Also , pooja's other systems lectures and Mansi's nonsystems lectures made those two topics fun to study .Ankit's tips and strategies is a big plus. We can also contact them personally to discuss our weak areas. I can now proudly say that I'm a licensed physical therapist.Thank you so much y'all. You made my dream come true. 😊

    Prathyusha Kalavala
  15. First things First! Passing NPTE is a challenge and the process/path that we have to go through to pass this test is challenging and depressing at times but Ankit made is easy encouraging and achievable. Till today and forever whenever I treat patients at the clinic and see them in no pain I thank Ankit for helping me achieve what I have achieved. Ankit and the group I can never ever thank you guys enough for your support and guidance.

    Deepali Grover
  16. I'm a foreign PT. I was preparing the exam by my own until a friend talked about Ankit's Course. I don't have any reference about it, only the reviews. And believe me this Course and this Team make the difference to passed the NPTE in the first attempt. You have a guidance in all the topics and they have always the time to help you in a friendly way. I don't have a perfect English but I'd never felt lost with the language at the classes. I'm thankfully for choose this great team. I strongly recommend it.

  17. As rightly said best mentors are one who tell you where to look and make u think what to see thats how Ankit is, an awesome mentor . I still remember i was so tensed with my npte preparation and clueless how to go about with it . His online classes ,techniques had helped me so much that i was able to clear the exam in first attempt and owe it to him this . Super clear with his concepts ,proper direction and strong motivator his classes give an excellent platform to the students . Definitely its was best decision to be part of his team and coursework and would strongly recommend for future students ( no second thoughts ). all the best to him and his team .

    Neha Udeshi
  18. Hello everyone, first of all congrats to all who have visited this NPTE Study Buddy website because your half way towards NPTE success is done by reaching to the right place. NPTE Study Buddy has an excellent team of people who know the path to success as they all have crossed it and they know their subjects in depth. Ankit and his team including Mayank,Pooja ,ManC & Ekta are the best people you can get to pass the NPTE. They all are so helpful and encouraging. They are available for you everytime you need their help. You won't regret after joining their team and I am certainthat you will surely pass the exam like me. It's only because of Ankit's team that I have managed to pass the exam in my first attempt. Whosoever is preparing for NPTE I would advise that everyone should put in concerted effort over at least 4 to 6 months to master the concepts and do practice tests. I would also highly recommend that one should maintain a disciplined time schedule of sleeping and waking up during scheduled hours. Study, exercise, relax, eat well & contact Ankit Shahi because hes THE BEST.

  19. I cleared my NPTE exam in the first attempt and the credit goes to ANKIT SHAHI and his team. I graduated 10 years ago and did not have touch in academics since then. I did not have any confidence when i started the NPTE journey. This course provided me with clear concepts along with personalized attention in clearing doubts.They provided exam tips and time management strategies which improved my confidence . I was able to clear the exam with 8 months of guided practice.

    Gokula Velavan
  20. I am so happy and excited to announce that I have cleared my NPTE ! 💃Hurray ……!!!!!!!!Now a licenced physical therapist in USA !Thank you almighty and family members!Thank you Ankit Shahi sir and his wonderful team for all help and support and motivation. Your belief in me that “I can do it” has really worked!---I am out of words to describe sir and his team but still individually I want to acknowledge you and thank you all :)Ankit sir: To say anything about Ankit sir is like ‘Throwing LIGHT toward SUN!!!’WORDS R NOT ENOUGH FOR him, But still I will definitely say Ankit sir--- truly an awesome person, who not only motivates, guides, and teaches you but bring the best out of you …Made every concepts crystal clear…… I will never forget my anxiety in last days of exams and the way he calms down me and cheered me up ……. sir you are earning blessings!He is the person who will never see time –day or night---when their students are tensed and need him---I will never forget---when he was in India, always responded back even though he was busy---Hats off for that !!! Sir’s enthusiasm is contagious……truly a genuine person, truly blessed! I am very lucky to have you as my mentor! Nobody can be like you sir I can vouch for that 😊Mayank Jain sir :Person with great sense of humour, always helping and supporting, motivating….. thank u word in not enough!You are truly master of Neuro ! The way you’ve cleared neuro concepts …made difficult things easy ! I will always remember the way you have tried to explain things by awesome examples, demonstration---which makes us understand the things very easily……Ekta Sharma: always smiling and motivating ! her question of the day—makes me to think hard and out of the box! Great as a person! love u!Mansi Khambhati:first word coming in my mind is ….awesome and genuine as a person! Great knowledge ….always smiling, motivating ,very friendly …thank you for everything !Pooja Batni:great motivator, always smiling , tension reliever ! She has made ‘’other system’’ to digest easily without constipation and diarrhoea, lol ! thank you for everything!Ruchi Singh Bhadauria:thank you for coordinating webinars and everything smoothly!Made such a wonderful friends of a lifetime in this journey---Dhwani,Anamika,Bhavi,Krishna,and many more😊😘And now about my journey: It’s not a one step process….it was a roller coaster ride for me , seen many ups and downs ….but that’s what has made me strong !Its daily learning which helps you to ride you towards your goal ! Each individual is different and his/her reading method is different so identify what suits you the most.Never lose faith. Never give up. Impossible is nothing because IMPOSSIBLE itself says I M POSSIBLE !-Akshi Shah (Licensed Physical Therapist in USA 💃)With Ankit Shahi

  21. Hello everyone!To all those who are planning to join this classes, i must say its worth it! When i started my preparation before 8 months i just didn't know where to start from, and luckily i got to know about NPTE Study Buddy- which showed me a path to success..Ankit Shahi is the best tutor, mentor one could ever have, very dedicated and his teaching is the best. I could only pass this exam that too in first shot all because of him. The way Ankit cleared concepts of Msk helped me build up my thought process- its not about the books trust me! After completion of the course i really felt like i would have not learnt anything by just reading maggi, kisner or sullivan. I always followed the schedule he gave for studying especially in last 3 months, otherwise its too difficult to cope up with such a huge syllabus. Mansi Khambhati and Pooja Batni are great! Non systems and other systems would have been not easy and interesting without them. I doubt anyone else can ever guide us the way they all do.The concepts taught by them helped me think out of the box. I cannot thank them enough. Apart from that, the personal interaction with all tutors always made us feel like a family. Its difficult to start preparation on our own , and honestly i highly recommend joining the team NPTE Study Buddy. Ankit Shahi is great, i can never thank him enough.Team NPTE Study Buddy is the best.Cheers!!

    Krishna Shah

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