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Preparing for the National Physical Therapy Exam (NPTE) takes a lot of work. It requires aspiring passers to truly put their hearts and minds into their dream. Thus, to ensure each hopeful’s success, we at NPTE Study Buddy will guide them through the whole journey. Our goal is to help these individuals find easier and more convenient means for them to study their various courses. Guaranteed, our trusted mentors will help them achieve success during and after the whole journey of the exam.

Courses Offered

Our mission is to provide an exemplary educational guidance to all aspirants. With our integral teamwork, we endeavor to bring the best out of our students. Our high-quality and affordable online tutoring is provided by proficient tutors in their areas of expertise.

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NPTE The National Physical Therapy Examination (NPTE)

This exam is designed to evaluate the clinical and patient care knowledge of entry-level physical therapists.

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PCE Physiotherapy Competency Exam

This exam is designed to test a candidate’s competency to work as a licensed physical therapist.

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DHA Dubai Health Authority

We will guide you through every step of your credential evaluation and help you pass the licensure exam.

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Why Choose Us?

  • Our dedicated and highly skilled teaching staff is licensed to practice in the US.
  • They have a thorough understanding of our students’ needs when it comes to studying the various topics.
  • They are relentless and enthusiastic at resolving issues and doubts both inside and outside the classroom.
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Our Mentors

At NPTE Study Buddy, we are dedicated to helping our students prosper with the help of our licensed and highly skilled mentors. We seek to not only give knowledge but also to encourage and motivate our hopefuls so that they may truly believe in themselves.

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At NPTE Study Buddy, we offer affordable online courses for anyone to register and take their first step toward a rewarding healthcare career. These fees include courses for musculoskeletal, cardiopulmonary, non-systems, and other systems.



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This fees only includes musculoskeleta cardiopulmonary non systems and other systems.

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What Our Students Say About Our Course

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I passed NPTE in July 2016 after almost 3 years of wasting time with other courses. I am PT from Romania and I was by myself in this process, without any guidance and friends! I was so lucky to find out and join Ankit's classes! Ankit was so dedicated and friendly, so knowledgeable and amazing lecturer, that help me to focus on the important stuff and understand the basics! Moreover, the fact that y

Irena Nicoara
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I am, currently a licensed PT, and I cleared exam in July 2016, with 730/800 score.When I started, NPTE seemed tough and I started looking for some study partner and found few posts about Ankit Shahi on Facebook. I was little nervous about how this all will work and as I never knew, how webinar worsk. But, I joined and I really loved the way of his teaching. His concepts and teaching skills are best. I started studying the topics- which he covered and in no time, major systems gets finished. As students, we also get access to RECORDED videos, which helps to study at our own time. He is the best mentor one can get. Hard work and right mentor is perfect combination of success.I am glad that I found the right person, since starting.

Mansi Khambhati
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Hello Everyone,As people say when you want something wholeheartedly, God helps you out in every way. This is solely my case. I started preparing for NPTE in August 2015, being in India I had limited resources and contacts from where I could get guidance regarding how to prepare for this big exam. Then one day, while scrolling down various posts in NPTE study groups, I came across a name ANKIT SHAHI, people were owing their success to this name. Some hope enlightened and I straightaway sent an inbox to Ankit Sir asking if I could be a part of his class being in India. That was the best decision I ever made. Classes started in mid-November and getting up early to attend the classes was my daily routine. The logic and concepts he taught are still crystal clear even today. After getting some hold over musculoskeletal, the time came to get over my fear of neurology. Being a Masters in Orthopaedics, I always feared neurology concepts, then Mayank Sir came for the rescue, he made neurological concepts so damn easy to understand that finally my fear went away and I was having a better control over the subject.Studying in India, the concepts of Cardiopulmonary are your biggest setbacks, you just cram up things to pass the exam. There is no in depth knowledge of the subject. It was my weak link and it stayed the same way for long, even in my practice exams. When the classes for Cardiopulmonary started they were like bouncers for me, I couldn’t relate to many topics and that was disheartening. I asked Ankit Sir ways to improve my knowledge over the subject, he guided me and referred books from where I could lay the strong base for this.I attended the other session in February as well, and finally I was prepared to go for April, 2016 NPTE. 27th was the date, it was 1.30 p.m. when I finally came out with perplexed mind, but still I was happy that I did it. After 1 week the result was out and it said PASSED!That was the one word which I wasn’t able to believe that I did it finally in the first go.This was not all, something big was yet to come, another week passed and the score card came. I was looking for a 600+ score everywhere but couldn’t find that. Then I read 720, I was shocked, but that was for real.I owe my success solely to Team Ankit Shahi, they helped a lot in achieving this biggest milestone. I cannot thank them enough!Three cheers for the team!

Ekta Sharma

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